About Castle Von Trapp

Our space is a crossroads for artists of many worlds.  One of our strongest presences is in the world of circus arts.  Our large main space serves as a gathering place for a free weekly skillshare which is often attended by fifty or more performance artists from all over the bay, and our guest spaces are regularly filled by performers traveling internationally to attend and teach various circus arts at US festival events.  

Our building has been a catalyst for Burning Man art as well, with the lead artists of four major sculptures living within its walls.  These sculptures have been further presented at other festivals, won prizes at Maker Faire, and have been featured in exhibits at the Exploratorium and the Cal. Academy of Sciences.  

We participate heavily in Oakland’s arts scene, both as individuals and as a community center by hosting small events for alternative communities, teaching at the Crucible, building at American Steel, performing throughout the Bay, recording music, starting bands and offering rehearsal space.   

Finally our space offers an integral form of harm reduction for the creative community at large, as we provide safe spaces for practice and learning, and offer protection or shelter for friends in their moments of need.